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CPSU NSW UOW COVID-19 Bulletin – March 2020
As CPSU NSW members are aware the University of Wollongong (UOW) has brought forward the session break to allow content to be uploaded so teaching can be delivered remotely.

At this stage all UOW campuses, library, facilities, research and administrative functions will remain open for the break and when the new session begins.

This fact alone demonstrates the valuable contribution and essential nature of the work that professional staff do at the University.

CPSU NSW Member Issues

Your Union is following up and engaging with the University on issues that members have flagged as issues due to the nature of your work.

Working From Home/Remotely – Access during COVID-19

Some members have indicated they are having difficulties in getting approval to work from home or remotely during the pandemic. Members have indicated that some Managers are simply refusing requests without providing a genuine reason. This is in spite of the university’s advice that staff having the relevant technology, the ability and the type of work that allows them to work from home, should do so.

We are seeking member feedback on this:

  • Are you having difficulties accessing these arrangements?
  • Is it clear why your area or you cannot do so?

Please provided feedback to: Lisa Nelson – and Bart McKenzie

What leave can you access if you need to isolate?

CPSU NSW members have approached their Union and asked what leave they should access if they are forced to self-isolate as a result of carrying out their duties at the University.

UOW at this stage had indicated that staff will need to contact a HR Business Partner to discuss the type of leave.

The CPSU NSW is advocating for paid special leave for this in line with other Universities. We will update members on how this is progressing.

UOW Library

The direction of the Prime Minister on 25th March was to close all libraries, no exceptions.

UOW has not done this and the Library is still currently open.

CPSU NSW is currently in discussion around this with the university and will escalate the matter if necessary.

The concern is the conflicting messages and information staff are receiving between what is being given as directives and the direct impacts on the ground.

Links to NSW Health and Federal Department of Health Guidelines

  • NSW Health website on COVID-19 can be viewed HERE
  • NSW Health has issued the Factsheet, Advice for universities, that can be viewed HERE
  • The Federal Department of Health’s website can be viewed HERE
  • The Federal Department of Health’s guidelines on Social Distancing can viewed HERE

Further Updates

The CPSU NSW realises that the response to COVID-19 is moving incredibly quickly at both a university and government level. We will endeavor to update members as quickly as possible.

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Lisa Nelson
Industrial Officer

Bart McKenzie
Regional Organiser

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