Wednesday, 4 March 2020

COVID-19 – University of Sydney savings measures

COVID – March 2020 (PDF version)

Members were advised via email by the Vice-Chancellor on 3 March 2020, of a range of savings measures to be put in place, as a result of revenue shortfall caused by travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

On the 4 March 2020, CPSU NSW representatives met with Human Resources to be briefed on the proposed measures. The five key savings measures outlined in the VC communique and in the briefing with the union include:

  1. Capital spending: We will limit all capital expenditure in the short term, on both equipment and infrastructure. Our large building projects already contracted and underway will continue, however most capital expenditure other than that fully funded by external grants and philanthropy will be paused.
  2. Project spending: Many discretionary projects will be reprioritised and deferred.
  3. Recruitment pause: Only roles funded by external research grants or roles currently at formal written offer stage, will be continued.
  4. Reduced discretionary spend on entertainment and international travel: Only international travel fully funded by external research grants (e.g. NHMRC, ARC) or partners will be continued.
  5. Reduced spend on contractors and consultants: All current and new contractor and consultant roles will be reviewed.

The CPSU NSW was assured no permanent staff will lose their jobs, and that staff members who are currently on the redeployment list will be matched against a suitable vacancy. In addition, all change management plans will be reviewed.

The CPSU NSW will continue to meet on a weekly basis with Human Resources while these savings measures are being put in place. If you have any concerns please contact CSPU NSW officials or delegates listed below.

CPSU NSW calls on Federal Government to match revenue shortfall

In February the CPSU NSW, called on the Prime Minister to step in and adequately provide additional funding to Universities impacted by COVID-19. See HERE.

With this announcement, it is imperative that the Federal Government urgently intervenes to provide adequate financial assistance to all Universities, including University of Sydney, whose revenue has been affected by COVID-19.



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