Friday, 21 February 2020

GREAT NEWS! – The privatisation of Forestry Corporation of NSW Softwoods is off!

The privatisation of Forestry Corporation of NSW Softwoods is off! (pdf version)

The government have come to their senses after 5 months of scoping study costing over $1 million to decide not to sell off the softwood plantations.

The CPSU NSW Branch Secretary, Mr Stewart Little warned Treasurer Perottet he would be putting hundreds of regional jobs on the chopping block if they sold off Forestry Corp. The government’s announcement that it will abandon the sale will bring a sigh of relief across regional NSW, where their economies rely on forestry jobs.

The CPSU NSW is now looking to the government to guarantee it will never sell off Forestry Corp of NSW.

It’s not just the jobs and regional communities that are hurt by any privatisation. Forestry Corp takes a responsible and sustainable approach that protects our native flora and fauna. After this horror fire season how can we know that a private operator will invest in fire prevention and sustainability?


Mr Stewart Little also stated. “A privately-run Forestry Corp won’t have the same commitment to sustainability and safety. If proper bushfire management has too great an impact on the bottomline, then what corners will a private company cut to squeeze the most out of the plantations.”

The CPSU NSW would like to thank all of the Forestry Corporation of NSW staff for all of their tireless work and especially over this unprecedented fire season.

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