Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Life Without Barriers: two-year guarantee

Two-year guarantee – Feb 2020 (PDF version)

As many of you would be aware those employees who were transferred from Ageing Disability and Home Care employees are coming up to the two-year anniversary with Life Without Barriers (LWB) on 22 February 2018 sparking concern that the two-year employment guarantee will be coming to an end.


If you are a transferred employee at LWB the end of the two-year employment guarantee does not mean you will no longer be covered by the awards and conditions that transferred with your employment; such as the Crown Employees Ageing Disability and Home Case – NSW Department of Family and Community Services (Community Living Award) 2015.

Due to provisions in the Fair Work Act the awards and conditions that transferred with your employment to LWB will continue to apply for up to a further three years, unless an Enterprise Agreement is made with LWB.

There will be no automatic need to reapply for your job.

The two-year employment guarantee meant your roles were unable to change by the employer within that period.

LWB has not made any definite decisions to make any changes to the transferred workforce. LWB has reached out and wish to enter into discussions with the CPSU NSW regarding any changes it may wish to make.

As your union we will keep you updated on any proposal from LWB.


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