Friday, 31 January 2020

CPSU NSW update: Cerebral Palsy Alliance Realignment Project

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Realignment Project – Jan 2020 (PDF version)

CPSU NSW met with management representatives late last year to discuss a proposed restructure of the Team Leader role. Along with details about the changes it was agreed that there would be ongoing consultation with staff and the union in accordance with copied state award Consultative Arrangements.

We held a number of meetings with Team Leaders to discuss a range of issues arising from CPA’s proposal. At these meeting we were made aware that CPA had held meetings between Senior Managers and Team Leaders. It appears some information was conveyed to Team Leaders that was not included in the discussions we held with the organisation last year.

We have communicated our concerns and have sort clarification from CPA.

You may be aware of the current dispute with Northcott in relation to changes to abolish Team Leader positions and offer new positions under the Northcote Enterprise Agreement on reduced of wages and conditions. The CPSU NSW has filed an application before the Federal Court against Northcott.

Should CPA attempt to implement similar changes to those proposed by Northcott, we expect to take legal action to protect rates of pay and employment conditions.


You can contact Sharny Chalmers on 0437 898 020 or for further information.


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