Friday, 20 December 2019

TAFE members’ update

TAFE EoY – Dec 2019 (PDF version)

CPSU NSW last reported to TAFE members in relation to TAFE’s 91 job cuts on 5 December, following the wins we had had in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Please see previous 5 December bulletin HERE.

Since that time CPSU NSW officials and your workplace delegates have been working behind the scenes and continuing to negotiate with TAFE on a number of matters relating to TAFE’s/the Government’s job cuts. We have met three times since the 5 December FWC hearing.

Job swaps

TAFE agreed to amend its communication which went to staff on Wednesday 18 December relating to voluntary redundancy swaps. Please be advised that you do not need your line manager’s signature on the Voluntary Swap Form before it gets sent to TAFE People Support.

TAFE has agreed that it will facilitate job swapping as much as possible.

Also, members need to be aware that while no jobs in the regions are affected (anywhere outside Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney) regional employees are able to elect to swap into an affected role and TAFE will look at any application on a case-by-case basis.

Further, for clarity, if your role is affected and you register for a job swap this does not trigger any form of redeployment. Your option of taking a VR or electing for redeployment will remain if the job swap cannot be facilitated for whatever reason.

Finally, the union will oversee any appeal against a decision of TAFE to reject or deny a job swap application. The union will ensure transparency and accountability of the decision-makers and decision-making process, when it comes to job swaps.

Extra workload

At the three consultation meetings held since the FWC hearing, CPSU NSW officials and delegates have repeatedly emphasised that these job cuts will result in staff being tasked and burdened with an unreasonable level of extra work, particularly with ICT related work.

The Union’s advice to members is if you are requested to do any additional work from your supervisor/manager then the union’s advice is that members seek a clear outline in writing from their managers of the work to be undertaken and what duties will and will not be a priority.  Staff should also request how managers will facilitate and ensure that the Flexible Working Agreement will be managed.

Please contact the Member Support Centre if necessary.

Reasons for the dismissals provided

Per the FWC agreement, TAFE provided the CPSU (on late Wednesday afternoon) a detailed document outlining the reason for each individual decision to delete each individual position.

Your union is presently working through the document and formulating two or more detailed proposals on how TAFE can mitigate a number of the job losses in ICT.

This is a priority which we aim to present to the ICT decision-makers David Backley and Aaron Little tomorrow morning, for their consideration over the Xmas break.

We will update the membership on this again shortly.

TAFE has apparently ended the ability of staff to provide feedback on its job cuts. We encourage you to continue providing feedback directly to the union until the consultation period ends on 13 January, 2020.

Our thanks

As 2019 comes to end, the CPSU NSW would like to extend our thanks to all our delegates and members for their support, strength and courage during the year. The union is stronger because of you, in a sometimes challenging environment. We wish all members a safe and happy holiday season.


  1. Talk to your workmates about what is happening.
  2. Contact the CPSU NSW’s Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 to organise a members meeting
  3. Share this Bulletin with other TAFE staff.
  4. Join the CPSU NSW HERE.


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