Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Introducing your new Women’s Council Steering Committee

Introducing your new Women’s Council Steering Committee – Dec 2019 (PDF version)

After the election of the Women’s Council Steering Committee in November 2019, the first meeting of the Women’s Council Committee was held on Tuesday 10 December 2019.

New delegates met at PSA House where they undertook training in the proud history of Women’s Council, learned how it operates, and met with other women members, including Central Council women, to form an Executive Committee.

We are pleased to announce the following candidates have been elected as the executive of the PSA/CPSU NSW Women’s Council:

  • Chairwoman: Trish O’Brien Justice
  • Vice Chairwoman: Carol Erskine Department of Education
  • Honorary Secretary: Janice Hartman Service NSW
  • Assistant Secretary: Faith Dent Disability Services

We thank the outgoing Women’s Council and executive members for all their work and dedication during the last term of the Committee and look forward to the challenges ahead as we move into 90 Years of the PSA/CPSU NSW Women’s Council in 2020.

Introducing the Women’s Council for 2019-2021

Tracey Doyle TAFE
Jin Cho TAFE
Faith Dent Disabilities – Northcott
Leanne Smith Ausgrid
Rachael  Shaw Community Services
Melanie Clark Community Services
Judith Ritchie Corrective Services
Trish O’Brien Corrective Services
Kimberley Astbury Corrective Services
Neha Sharma Corrective Services
Belinda Cooper Education – Training Services
Tanya Pople Schools
Karen Rogers Schools
Carol Erskine Schools
Janice Hartmann Service NSW
Cassandra Coleman Service NSW
Vanessa Spitznagel Environment and Heritage
Carol Rose DPIE – Regional Development
Michelina Bell icare
Michelle Newland Transport for NSW
Kylie McKelvie Central Councillor – Corrective Services; Non-custodial
Nicole Jess Central Councillor – Corrective Services
Julie King Central Councillor – Corrective Services
Jeanette Crawford Central Councillor – Education
Mary Court Central Councillor – Schools
Angela Field Central Councillor – Schools
Judith Greenwood Central Councillor – Environment Protection Authority
Julie Griffiths Central Councillor –Trustee & Guardian
Natalie Howes Central Councillor – Corrective Services
Wendy Hurry Central Councillor – Schools
Wendy Jones Central Councillor – Corrective Services
Tracey King Central Councillor – Schools
Juliette Sizer Central Councillor – Schools
Joanne Nieass Central Councillor – Schools
Shelley Odewahn Central Councillor – Southern Cross University
Heather Shields   Central Councillor – Justice
Rachel Smoothy Central Councillor – Disabilities; HVDS Connectability
Jodie Stubbs Central Councillor – NSW Police Force
Sallyann Sullivan Central Councillor – Schools
Sue Walsh Central Councillor – Schools NSW
Carmen Wells Central Councillor – Community Corrections
Julie Westacott Central Councillor – Ministry of Health