Friday, 15 November 2019

Enquiries in relation to campus closures

PM closure TAFE – Nov 2019 (PDF version)

On Thursday afternoon the CPSU NSW received a number of enquires in relation to the closure of a number of campuses, in particular Port Macquarie.

TAFE NSW had issued an urgent update that left many support staff perplexed and upset at Port Macquarie.

The CPSU NSW made enquires on behalf of staff to TAFE NSW asking why our staff were being treated differently. As you would all appreciate is been an awful week with fires and smoke in the area affecting people, properties and animals.

The CPSU NSW advises all staff Including Port Macquarie staff that if you deem it unsafe at work or to travel to work, stay home or seek shelter in a safe place.

The CPSU NSW is both amazed and astounded that management considers it is safe for educational support staff to attend work but not students and teachers.

The CPSU NSW supports all members of TAFE NSW and will address any issues on this matter.

Your CPSU NSW staff

Matthew Drake-Brockman Industrial Officer

Shane Jobberns Organiser