Friday, 16 August 2019

CPSU NSW and Northcott Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting: 14 August 2019

Northcott JCC – Aug 2019 (PDF version)

In this update

  1. Unpaid break

a. Consultation on breaks

  1. Conditions of employment

a. Filling shifts

b. Permanent part time increasing hours

On Wednesday 14 August 2019, the CPSU NSW met with Northcott for the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting to discuss matters commonly affecting union members working for Northcott. Your Northcott CPSU NSW Delegates, supported by the union’s industrial staff, attended the JCC in the Parramatta office to represent you and your fellow members’ interests.

The JCC is an ongoing consultative committee where union members at Northcott are able to discuss issues with management regarding workplace matters of mutual and common interest. It is the required avenue for formal consultation and is a feature of your Copied State Award that continues to apply after your transfer from ADHC.

Attending the JCC for the employer and employees were:

CPSU NSW representatives; Delegates Trevor Coughran and Luke Mc Mahon; with Industrial Officer Graydon Welsh and Organiser Tony Hay

Management representatives; Glenn Tyrrell, Stefania Morisio, Sarah Thompson, Bev Allen and Belinda Magritzer

  1. Unpaid breaks

a Consultation on breaks

Members continue to raise that there has been limited to no feedback to some Group Homes in regards to their concerns. The commitment to ongoing consultation with staff, members and the union was again affirmed at the JCC meeting, with reviews being held already.

If you are not getting any feedback from your Team Leader or management about concerns and issues you’ve raised, let us know and we’ll follow up about your Group Home.

If the breaks are in your Group Home, consultation and review will be on-going. If you have concerns, please advise your union or Northcott to allow case-by-case review.

The CPSU NSW has raised concerns around the implementation of the breaks. As there is no procedure, there are no clear guidelines on when to take the breaks. We will consult with you and Northcott on the development of clear guidelines.

  1. Conditions of Employment

a  Filling of shifts

Agency staff are to be a last resort.

If you are in a Group Home where agency staff are being given shifts before permanent and casual staff, please let us know. Northcott has asked for a list of Group Homes where this is happening.

It is in breach of the Rostering Principals and not in Northcott’s financial interest. We need examples of Group Homes which have a high incident of Agency Staff being used to fix the issue. Only the Group Home name is needed.

b. Increasing hours for permanent part time

You will stay on the Copied State Award if you increase your hours by taking on a line with more hours than your current line.

If you have been changed from the CLA to the Northcott Enterprise Agreement in order to increase your hours, we can have you put back onto the CLA.

The dates for next year’s JCC meetings are every three months.

20 November 2019

If you have any industrial issues you believe should be raised by the CPSU NSW at the next JCC, please forward details to your delegate or by writing to ">.

If you don’t have a local Delegate and would like to become more involved with the CPSU NSW and your workplace, please contact your CPSU NSW Organiser or the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

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John Williams              Trevor Coghran
Faith Dent                   Luke McMahon
Christopher Sloan       Michelle Herbert
Chris Chant                 Honour Machaya
Maureen D’Costa        Andrew Gunn
Damien Edwards        Prince Gonzales

If you want an Organiser to attend your team meetings, please email ">.