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CPSU NSW: Treasurer must act to save Illawarra jobs

CPSU NSW – Treasurer must act to save Illawarra jobs – June 2019 (PDF version)

The CPSU NSW has called on the NSW Treasurer, Dominic Perrottet, to honour the Government’s promise to protect jobs at Mercer’s Coniston-based operations. Click HERE to see a copy of our letter.

In a meeting with the union, the global investment management and consultancy firm outlined preliminary plans to transfer some existing administrative services to Melbourne and has sought expressions interest in voluntary redundancy from local staff. While the company has assured the union a definite decision is yet to made, the CPSU NSW understands the proposal would, if implemented, result in 25 job losses.

Mercer bought Pillar Administration from the NSW Government in 2016, with then Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian trumpeting the sale as a boon for the Illawarra:

Pillar is a major employer in the Illawarra – that is why the Government has secured the commitment of Mercer to maintain and ideally grow Pillar’s operations in the region for at least 10 years.

The job security commitment was included in the legislation facilitating the sale, and places an apparent legal obligation on the Treasurer to ensure Mercer retains Illawarra jobs associated with the Pillar business for a period of at least 10 years.

“Once again, the promise of a privatisation delivering jobs and growth has fallen flat,” said Assistant State Branch Secretary of the CPSU, Troy Wright. “As the NSW Premier said herself less than three years ago – Pillar is a major employer in the Illawarra region, but instead of trying to expand operations they’re now looking to shrink them.

“Perhaps the most galling thing is these regional jobs are leaving the state. How long before the whole operation leaves for Victoria?

“This comes as the Government flags 3000 public service job cuts, including in Illawarra. More than 14,000 workers leave Wollongong each day to find work because there has been no investment in growing Illawarra jobs.

“This government tells us we can have it all. That they can sell assets, pocket the cash and keep the jobs but once we privatise jobs they lose complete control. Despite all the promises at sale time, once the ink is dried on the deal these multinationals can just walk away.”

The Treasurer is yet to respond to our letter.

For further coverage, click HERE to see the Illawarra Mercury story and HERE for coverage on Win News.

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