Wednesday, 17 April 2019



There are very clear provisions within the copied State award outlining an obligation for the CPSU NSW to be consulted when a team leader is to jointly manage two group homes.

Despite these very clear provisions in your conditions of employment, there were reports that HWNS proceeded to create team leaders across two group homes without consultation with the CPSU NSW.

As a result of these reports from members we have written to HWNS to notify that they have not adhered to the provisions in the copied State award. Consequently, we sought a list of where there are team leaders managing two group homes and for consultation to occur.

HWNS have committed to consulting with the CPSU NSW where they have changed team leaders to managing two group homes. The CPSU NSW and HWNS have arranged to meet following Easter to have ongoing discussions about the changes.

If you are in one of the group homes where a team leader is managing two units we would like get your feedback. If you could let the CPSU NSW know how these changes have affected your work, any potential risks, or any other issues that have arisen as a result. To provide this feedback you can either call 1300 772 679 (quote 116266) or email .

All in this together

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