Friday, 12 April 2019

VOTE for your CPSU NSW representatives in the USYD SENATE ELECTIONS

VOTE for your CPSU NSW representatives in the USYD SENATE ELECTIONS (pdf version)

Voting for the University of Sydney senate elections is on today. The CPSU NSW has three representatives running; Aleksander Yap, Keir Vaughan-Taylor, and Dave Burrows. The following is a message from them:

“As union delegates we three hear University employees day-to-day concerns. We see the changes in workplaces, in the staffing numbers, in relentless restructures, teaching and working conditions and the loss of workplace security. There are too many exploited casuals. Fixed term contracts are too many and too short to complete a research project. As a result, we are losing our best people.

We see the shambles being wrought upon our University by corporate governance is wrought by a caravan of careerist transient managers. Each enacts a restructure in the name of a change to be added to their Curriculum Vitae when seeking the next ship to sink.

The university is a public institution. Our University needs to have broad governance. If one of us are elected to senate we will speak with a voice of those that make this place run and pursue a collective survival strategy for our University, to protect our workers, society, and planet.

If you are:

  • tired of changes we didn’t and wouldn’t vote for;
  • sick of “improvements” that make things worse;
  • consulted less than corporate consultants;
  • concerned by the dearth of transparency and accountability;
  • terrified by catastrophic climate change;

“Then vote for the change we need.”