Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Newcastle University Enterprise Agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission

Newcastle University Enterprise Agreement is approved by the Fair Work Commission – March 2019 (PDF version)

At the time of the SCC, the Enterprise agreement was still awaiting approval from the Fair Work Commission. It has since been approved, as of March 15 2019, with the implementation now starting.

The Commission has approved the Agreement with one undertaking relating to the payment of Time off in Lieu of Overtime on termination.

This is a great outcome and means we can now move forward with implementing the EA and focusing on any other matters as they arise.

The university provided the committee with an insight to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and strategies to improve in this area. Mr Lindsay Hardy has been newly appointed as Indigenous Employment Partner and explained his approach to improving the participation within Newcastle University.

Mr Hardy expressed his belief that communication and connections within the local communities was the best way to start rebuilding. This will be in part with reconvening and reviewing the terms of reference of the Indigenous Employment Strategy/Action plan, updating and seeking Executive Committee endorsement of the Indigenous Employment Strategy/Action Plan, developing a pool of Indigenous candidates and improving retention.

Then with the launching of an “Embrace Your Identity” Campaign inviting Indigenous staff to update their EO online details and become involved in networking opportunities.

Change process that were commenced in 2018 are progressing to implementation.

With respect to the Wollotuka Institute, there are eight staff elected VSP, one staff detached and five positions in recruitment. Workload issues were raised. When staff leave, that workload has to be done by those still working. UON advised recruitment for a new administrative position at Wollotuka is underway.

We raise concerns with UoN’s “Turning to Our Students” project and the impact it will have on staff.

UoN has said it is entering into “reimagining the student experience” and is seeking feedback from Academic Division staff. The reimagining will be done in two domains, Learning Futures and Students First. The recruitment of the leadership will be the first stage.

The CPSU NSW raised concerns the reimagining will be used to restructure and ultimately reduce jobs and increase insecure employment and what impact it will have on the library.

Professor Evans confirmed they were unsure of the impact the reimagining will have. The reimagining process is there to allow staff to participate and contribute and this is why the University has extended some contracts until September 2019.

Professor Evans stated the library is the strongest link between students and the university, and there are no current plans to move the portfolio home of the library.

Discussions are continuing for the proposed IT Services restructure and members are encouraged to submit your feedback. With the EA now being approved, the post-change feedback provisions will be available for the IT Services if it’s not right.

The superannuation remediation is mostly complete, with all funds now transferred to current staff. Most of the fund have also been transferred to ex-staff with the hard task of locating the last ahead.

The post office in the Callaghan Campus will remain under its existing operator until May 2019 with Australia Post working with the UoN to identify a new operator. An option being considered is for the university to operate it.

The CPSU NSW would like to thank all those involved in the negotiation process, in particular Sue Freeman and Lyn Keily, and those who provided feedback and input to the discussions.

To further your involvement in the implementation and other matters, the CPSU NSW is looking for more activists and representatives from all the campuses. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please contact one of our union representatives so we can meet and discuss how.

The dates for the future JCCs in 2019 are;

  • Tuesday 14 May
  • Tuesday 20 August
  • Monday 25 November.

All the meetings are from 3pm and held in the Chancellery Building, Callaghan Campus.

A bulletin will be published shortly after each JCC to advise all members of what was discussed.

If you’re interested in becoming more active in your campus and union, please contact us and let us know.

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UON Professional Staff representatives

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