Thursday, 31 January 2019

CPSU NSW and Northcott Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) First meeting for 2019

First JCC meeting for the year – January 2019 (PDF version)

Dear Member,

With the new year starting, it’s time for the first JCC. We will be having the first JCC with Northcott on 27 February.

If you have any concerns relating to collective or organization-wide issues, please discuss with your Delegates or email "> using to allow us to include them on the agenda.

The unpaid meal breaks are still a matter of importance and your MAR, CAR or Team Leader may have released rosters that include the unpaid meal breaks for consultation. Make sure you provide them with written feedback. Your concerns and consultation MUST be given due consideration.

Northcott was going through a recruitment process last year to fill vacant hours and establish where they needed resources. As transferred staff, you are legally entitled to request an increase of hours and staying on the CLA. You DO NOT have to change your conditions to gain additional hours. If you are told differently, ask for it in writing.

If you don’t have a local Delegate and would like to become more involved with the CPSU NSW and your workplace, please contact your CPSU NSW Organiser or the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Ask your colleagues to stand with you by joining CPSU NSW today. They can JOIN ONLINE.


John Williams, ">

Trevor Coughran, ">


Shane Elliott, ">, 0499 799 011

If you want an Organiser to attend your team meetings, please email or ">.