Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Keep safe in the heat

Keep safe in the heat – January 2019 (PDF version)

As temperatures soar throughout the state, the PSA/CPSU NSW is warning members to keep safe.

Your union has released a document, HOT WORK may mean STOP WORK, that outlines your rights in the workplace, and strategies to beat the heat, when the mercury starts climbing.

There is a high risk of heat stress in conditions such as those we are experiencing now, particularly if you are working outside, in non-air-conditioned premises, or your job involves extensive vehicle travel. There is also a risk existing ailments may be exacerbated in high temperatures.

Recommendations include taking hourly 10-minute breaks for outdoor work in temperatures between 30 and 32, to leaving the site altogether once it is more than 37 degrees.

Workers in vehicles should also make sure they have adequate ways to communicate to others in the increased chance they have a breakdown.

Your union recommends you read HOT WORK may mean STOP WORK and place it in a common area for colleagues to access.

We know the work you do is important, but no job is worth putting your health at risk.

For further advice on working in hot weather, call the PSA/CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.