Thursday, 29 November 2018

Solid majority vote in favour of new WaterNSW enterprise agreement

WaterNSW – Staff endorse EBA – November 2018

A solid 70-30 majority of WaterNSW staff have voted to endorse a new enterprise agreement, endorsed by the Community and Public Sector Union.

The new agreement delivers a minimum annual increase in wages of two per cent (2019, 2020), with additional progress and bonus pay available.

Employees transitioning from a 35- to 36-hour working week will also be financially compensated, with leave and other core conditions protected.

The negotiations were unquestionably challenging and the final agreement hard won.

Not only were the organisational realities complex, with multiple internal stakeholders and multiple competing priorities, but we were also negotiating in the context of the NSW Government’s Wages Policy and a government hostile to public sector workers, with a clear agenda to privatise and attack employment security.

“I am extremely proud to have worked with our bargaining representative – Tim Budd, Andrew Harrison, Scott Butler and Richard Wheatley. Their commitment to the staff, their knowledge of the organisation, their toughness and their sensible, cool-headed, rational thinking were invaluable throughout this process,” CPSU NSW Senior Industrial Officer, Thane Pearce said.

“This agreement delivers solid outcomes and security for WaterNSW staff and I’d ask members to encourage their non-union colleaguesw to join the CPSU NSW,” Mr Pearce said.

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United we Bargain, Divided we Beg!