Monday, 26 November 2018

Northcott – Consultation on unpaid breaks

Northcott – Consultation on unpaid breaks – November 2018 (PDF version)

Northcott has been notified that CPSU NSW members are in dispute over a lack of consultation.

Since our last bulletin, the CPSU NSW has received a lot of written feedback outlining concerns from Group Homes of the implementation of the unpaid breaks and the increased risk to health, safety and wellbeing of both clients and staff. If your Group Home has concerns, get a collective letter together outlining the issues you face and forward it on to the CPSU NSW and Northcott.

You can send these letters to Attn: Graydon Welsh,  your Team Leader, CAR or MAR(Please let your Union know if you want to remain anonymous and for your Union to submit on your behalf. Your Group Home however will need to be identified.)

We will be meeting with Northcott next week to further the dispute and hopefully they’ll listen. Your Union colleagues at Northcott need more Group Homes to provide examples of how the unpaid breaks will have serious and detrimental impacts on both clients and staff. Send these to both Northcott and the CPSU to further ensure the consultation is genuine, meaningful and collective. It is when CPSU NSW members stand together and are united that you can make powerful changes to protect and improve the working lives of members. Please ensure that every Group Home submits a letter to Northcott and your Union where there are concerns.

Meaningful and genuine consultation is a two-way street.

  1. You have to let them know in writing.
  2. You have to provide reasons.

The more written feedback, from each Group Home and from across multiple Group Homes, the louder your voice becomes and the louder the voices of DSWs become.

Meaningful and genuine consultation is required in the development of rosters. As the workers being impacted by the proposed changes, you should provide feedback as to what impact it will have with the needs and safety of your clients. If there is no genuine consultation, you need contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.

Please forward your written concerns to or call 1300 772 679 and quote Reference Number 107173.

PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO YOUR COLLEAGUES to help ensure that all Northcott disability workers know what is really going on.

For those who transferred to the community sector, it is now more important than ever that you be part of a Courageous, Powerful and Strong Union of Disability Workers.

You can contribute to becoming a strong Union of Disability Workers today by asking at least one colleague to JOIN the CPSU NSW by calling 1300 772 679 or JOIN ONLINE HERE.