Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Team Leader penalty shift: CPSU NSW response to HWNS correspondence to Team Leaders

Team Leader penalty shift – CPSU NSW response to HWNS correspondence to Team Leaders – November 2018 (PDF version)

Your Disability Sector union, the CPSU NSW, was made aware of correspondence that was sent to the team leaders in which they stated:

“This includes adjusting service rosters to reflect the needs and movements of customers. As such, Team Leaders who previously worked through the day when customers were not at home cannot continue this rostering practice as these shifts are non-billable against customer funding.”

This concerned the CPSU NSW, as this was not what was agreed upon. As communicated in our most recent bulletin it was agreed Team Leaders would roster according to the requirements of the group home, and for the House With No Steps group homes it means according to the clients’ requirements.

The CPSU NSW spoke with HWNS on Monday 5 November 2018 regarding this direction as it appeared that HWNS was directing Team Leaders to not work during the day at all. It has since been clarified with HWNS and it means that hands-on shifts need to be rostered when the clients are there. The CPSU NSW has requested this be clarified with staff.

However, the CPSU NSW strongly urges Team Leaders to please continue to roster according to the needs of the group home. You do not need to do penalty shifts unless there is a requirement for you to do that and you are able to work during the day when the clients are not there, this would be admin shifts, as we are sure is already being done.

As stated already, if in submitting your roster to your Manager you experience any difficulties regarding what you believe to be the operational requirements of your group home please contact the CPSU NSW for assistance on either 1300 772 679 or .

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