Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Northcott – Your CPSU NSW has not agreed to the implementation of unpaid breaks

Northcott – Your CPSU NSW has not agreed to the implementation of unpaid breaks – November 2018 (PDF version)

Since it was brought to our attention, the CPSU NSW has raised concerns about the implementation of unpaid meal breaks requiring you to leave the premises. For more than 30 years, ADHC determined that the needs of the clients were such that staff could not leave the premises. This meant that any meal breaks were taken while on duty and considered part of your ordinary hours. It wasn’t that you didn’t take a break, you were simply still on duty, still watching, still providing supervision, while you had a cuppa or ate your lunch. You still had a break, you just didn’t leave the clients short on supervision.

The determination came from ADHC’s understanding that having less disruption, clear demonstrations of best practice, providing a stable environment, and for staff to be available, was the best for the needs of clients. The determination came from years of consultation with staff and team leaders over many years of experience. It was through these years that The Rostering Principals were negotiated through genuine consultation between the Union and the Department.

The Rostering Principals that you are covered by mean that:

  • your rosters must be developed by your Team Leader
  • your Team Leader developed the roster in consultation with staff.

Consultation with staff means YOU.

  • YOU have a say in the development of your rosters
  • YOU have a say in the needs of your house
  • YOU have a say if unpaid breaks will work and when they might occur if they do
  • YOU can provide your reasoning on the development of the rosters.

Genuine consultation is required in the development of rosters. As the workers being impacted by the proposed changes, you should provide feedback as to what impact it will have with the needs and safety of your clients. If there is no genuine consultation, you need contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.

Genuine consultation requires Northcott to allow Team Leaders to ask for your views on all proposed rosters, to genuine consider the views that you put forward and to provide you with evidence that they genuinely considered your views.


To help ensure that all Northcott disability workers know what is really going on, and ask at least one colleague to JOIN the CPSU NSW today.