Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Australian Unity’s $1000 offer

Australian Unity’s $1000 offer – November 2018 (PDF version)

Many members have been advised Australian Unity has awarded a bonus for the hard work done by administration staff in early 2018.

We would like to advise this was a hard-fought concession granted by Australian Unity after multiple JCC meetings with your elected CPSU NSW representatives and Industrial Officer.

Your CPSU NSW representatives had been advocating that all ‘lost’ flex time be paid to members. We had been advised there had been large losses in flex time across the organisation. These losses were due to administration staff working extra hours due to changes and time pressures during the transition of Home Care to the Australian Unity systems. Members have experiences these additional pressures along with the changes to Home Care Packages, NDIS, the Branch Operating Model, as well as making sure clients continue to received services.

After many joint consultative committee meetings advocating for recognition of member’s work and lost time, Australian Unity’s return offer was a $1000 payment, despite this likely being well below the hours of work that staff have provided.

While this payment is very well deserved, we remind all members that working in excess of the 14 hours’ allowed to be banked will result in lost pay. Any time that is worked outside of your flex time is not going to be reimbursed unless your manager has authorised the overtime in advance. 

Please remember, do not give your time away for free!

Share this with your colleagues so they know that it was through you and your membership with the CPSU NSW and the hard work of union Delegates that they are about to receive $1000.