Wednesday, 19 September 2018

CPSU NSW bargaining team reach “in-principle agreement” on Water NSW deal

CPSU NSW bargaining team reach “in-principle agreement” on Water NSW deal – September 2018 (PDF version)

CPSU NSW bargaining representatives have reached an “in-principle” agreement with management on a new Water NSW unified enterprise agreement.

While some work remains in relation to the Corporation’s policy settings, the union bargaining team believes the substantive elements of the new package have been finalised with Water NSW.

The new proposal from Water NSW improves on the offer rejected by the CPSU NSW, unions and staff in December 2017.

Under the Corporation’s current proposal, all staff would be guaranteed a 2% annual increase in wages, with additional annual progress (between 0.5% – 2.2%) and bonus pay (up to 1.8% in Year 1 and 3.6% in Year 2 and 3) available.

The salary package builds on the 3.3% (2017) and 3.5% (2018) increases secured by the CPSU NSW, following legal action undertaken by the union on behalf of Water NSW staff.

What happens next?

The CPSU NSW expects to receive the final paper work, including the relevant policy documents referenced in the proposed agreement, within the next few weeks.

As a democratic union, we will invite members to vote on the Water NSW offer once we have received all the final paper work and are satisfied it reflects our agreed position.

We will also provide more detailed analysis of the package and be available to answer any questions you might have.

If a majority of members who vote, Vote Yes in our internal ballot, we will write to Water NSW formally endorsing the package and inviting the corporation to conduct a ballot of all staff for the purposes of making an enterprise agreement.

If a majority of members who vote, vote against the proposal, we will seek to reconvene bargaining the corporation.

For further information, contact:

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Richard Wheatley

Scott Butler

Thane Pearce

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