Thursday, 13 September 2018

One hour without supervision

One Hour without supervision (PDF Version)

A group home with five clients and only one DSW or none at all during dinner.

Crazy, scary and not safe for anyone.

We’ve been advised that Northcott are implementing a change, making you take a half hour unpaid break, away from the home if you choose, if you work more than five hours.

This means that clients could be alone or with only one member of staff for up to an hour per shift.

Has there been a risk assessment on the clients?

Has there been a risk assessment on your safety?

Are the families of the clients aware?

The CPSU NSW is seriously concerned about this dramatic change in care and support for the clients in the transferred group homes.

There has been no consultation with us.

There has been no consultation with you.

Has there been any serious thought or consideration?

Leaving clients with varying needs-eating and drinking plans and behavioural requirements-with only one staff member during dinner, lunch or peak periods, could be disastrous.

Such a significant change to Northcott’s service and care of clients is disgraceful.

Do the families of your clients know about this?

Any new staff brought in to work in a transferred house can be a member of the CPSU NSW, even if they are stuck under the Northcott EA.

If you’ve got new staff coming in, talk to them about the CPSU and your conditions. Strength in Unity.