Friday, 24 August 2018

ONRSR Member Bulletin August

ONRSR Member Bulletin August

Recently, CPSU NSW met with members in the Sydney office and across the nation via teleconference. The following issues were discussed as a result of being raised on the ONRSR JCC.  Management is providing guidelines on the subject matter.

In the interim, we wish to advise you of the following Clauses in your ONRSR Enterprise Agreement 2018.

  1. Flexitime

The enterprise agreement entitles employees to accrue up to five days (credit) or two days (debit) per settlement period.

Depending on operational convenience (such as ‘impact on business needs’), employees can take flexitime with the approval of their relevant manager. Approval must not be unreasonably withheld.

  1. Time off in lieu of overtime (TOIL)

Where employees are required to work outside the bandwidth, on weekends or public holidays, or in excess of the standard working hours on any week day, they are eligible to receive either paid overtime or TOIL.

Employees at Level 5 or RSO2 and below accrue TOIL equivalent to the applicable overtime rate. Employees above Level 5 or RSO 2, or those receiving a Duty Officer Allowance receive TOIL on an hour for hour basis.

  1. Annual leave

Where an employee has accrued more than eight weeks’ annual leave, and ONRSR and the employee are unable to reach agreement on when the employee will take annual leave, ONRSR may direct the employee to take annual leave following a minimum four-week notice period.


An election for the JCC must be held ‘as soon as practicable’ after the agreement is approved by Fair Work.

The JCC comprises: three elected employee representatives, two ONRSR representatives, one chairperson nominated by ONRSR and one employee nominated by the union (Warren Johncock)

The JCC must meet every two months.

The JCC has a number of standing agenda items and could resolve to publish minutes (although there’s no explicit requirement under the enterprise agreement to do so).

Lunch ‘n Learn

CPSU NSW is holding a lunchtime presentation on our Change the Rules Campaign.

What’s the campaign about?

NOW, more than ever we need to come together as a community to restore the fairness in our country for workers and their families.

With the cost of living soaring, workers not having a pay rise in years and having to pay tolls, rising rents, and losing thousands of dollars a year in penalty rate cuts, are struggling to make ends meet.

Now that company profits are at an all-time high, local communities need to share in this wealth. So why are we not getting our fair share?

The Liberal-National Coalition Government has its priorities wrong! They are helping the Multinationals and Big Banks instead of providing fair funding to our community needs!

It’s time for us all to unite to Change the Rules to make our country fair again.

Come along to hear how you can be part of the Movement for Change!

Date:               TUESDAY, September 11

Time:              12pm-1pm

RSVP to:        

Lunch will be provided. Any dietary requirements, please let us know.

It pays to belong!  JOIN the CPSU NSW