Monday, 6 August 2018

CPSU NSW members vote to endorse controversial pay offer

CPSU NSW members vote to endorse controversial pay offer – August 2018 (PDF version)

CPSU NSW members at Charles Sturt University have narrowly voted in favour of the university’s enterprise agreement offer by a margin of 53 per cent for to 47 per cent against.

“There’s no doubt CSU’s offer is controversial, which is understandable, and that’s reflected in the outcome,” said CPSU NSW Senior Industrial Officer, Thane Pearce.

“We respect that some of our members are deeply opposed to the package, particularly in relation to the salaries.

“However, we’re a democratic union and we’ll advise CSU that their offer has our support pending a review of the final paper work.”

Key features of the CSU offer include:

Salary offer

Year 1 – a salary uplift of $500 across all classification and hierarchal levels, plus a two per cent salary increase

Year 2 – a 1.8 per cent salary increase

Year 3 – a 1.8 per cent salary increase

Year 4 – a salary uplift of $500 across all classification and hierarchal levels, plus a 2.1 per cent salary increase

In addition, please note the following new aspects of the salary offer (subject to staff voting in favour of the new EA):

Half of the salary increase for Year 1 will be backdated to commence from 1 January 2018; the other half of the Year 1 increase will be payable from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 September 2018.

The pay increases in the subsequent years will also be payable from September, thus bringing the payments forward by four months from the previous payment month of December.

The two $500 salary uplift payments in the nominated years will be applied first, so that the percentage increase is then applied to the higher base salary

The end date is 30 September 2021.


  • Access to 15 days of paid leave for victims of domestic violence, with an additional five days available on application to HR.
  • Improved access parental leave, allowing employees a second period of 26 weeks paid parental leave 12 months after returning to work from previous period of parental leave.
  • Seventeen per cent superannuation for all continuing and fixed-term staff (commencing in the final year of the agreement).
  • Improved flexitime with staff able to accrue positive or negative balances of up to 14 hours during a settlement without prior approval.
  • Staff may also apply to have balances in excess of 35 hours paid out.
  • Improvements to casual student to 70 per cent for level 1 and 80 per cent for level 2.
  • Simplified 4 category matrix for exam supervisors and assistants (currently 11 categories).
  • Additional one-day concessional for bank holiday during the closedown period Improved redeployment for displaced staff, up from two to four months.
  • Enhanced casual conversion arrangements for professional staff.

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