Tuesday, 24 July 2018

CPSU NSW continues to support Marketing and Recruitment staff

CPSU NSW continues to support Marketing and Recruitment staff – July 2018 (PDF version)

Over the past few months the CPSU NSW has been supporting members in the old Community and Corporate Relations, or the Marketing and Recruitment, teams.

Staff in these areas have gone through over 18 months of chaos, mismanagement and incompetence. We have raised many issues with the university including:

  • the university conducting a secret review that has led to widespread organisational change and staff leaving
  • ongoing organisational change without following the consultation requirements in the Enterprise Agreement
  • secret recruitment processes that mean new staff just appear from day to day without any consultation or proper process
  • a culture of fear and intimidation that is leaving many staff fearing for their jobs
  • confusing, chaotic and sometimes incompetent decision-making that means staff can’t do their jobs
  • the unnecessary use of outside contractors.

These issues affect the ability of SCU to recruit students and impact the entire university and all staff.

The CPSU has been raising these issues with SCU management and will be raising them at the next Joint Consultative Forum (JCF) meeting that is on this Thursday.

All staff are able to observe a JCF meeting and support their fellow staff members.

All Marketing and Recruitment staff are encouraged to attend.

  • Joint Consultative Forum Meeting
  • Thursday 26 July
  • 2pm
  • Room F1.26

If you have any questions please contact your CPSU NSW members of the JCF Toni Ledgerwood – SCU Branch President or Shelley Odewahn

Or contact your local organiser Asren Pugh on or 0408 263 044.