Wednesday, 18 July 2018

TAFE NSW – Extensions to Temporary Contracts

A number of members on temporary contracts that were due to expire recently had their contracts extended for 3 weeks to allow TAFE NSW to explore the question of whether or not their roles were critical to  the functioning of the business and therefore should be engaged for a further period of time.

The CPSU NSW was, and remains, of the opinion that 3 weeks is nowhere near enough time to make that decision.

We have been in daily contact with TAFE NSW in an attempt to secure some kind of response for members in regard to what is happening with their employment.

We understand that the matter is compounded by the fact that TAFE NSW has instigated a recruitment freeze.  This appears to have caused management to lose its ability to make decisions in regard to the staff who are currently sitting in limbo not knowing if they will have a job beyond the 20th of July.

The CPSU NSW finds this to be a deplorable situation and suggests that TAFE NSW senior management rediscover their decision making abilities before the end of the week.

Common sense should have dictated that a decision around staffing needed to be made prior to the end of a contract, and extending for 3 weeks, when you haven’t been able to come to a decision beforehand, is less than appropriate and does not fill anyone with confidence that an effective business case can be made either way.

The Managing Director of TAFE NSW may have instigated a recruitment freeze, but managers are paid to step up and make decisions in a timely fashion and this has been a process that has been neither decisive nor timely.

We have requested that TAFE NSW actually engage in a dialogue with these affected staff, communicate with them and apologise for the position in which they find themselves.  As this has not happened, the CPSU has lodged a dispute with TAFE NSW on behalf of affected members.

The CPSU calls upon Jon Black to question his managers as to why there are approximately 50 staff sitting waiting to know if they have a job or not and what has happened to those managers’ ability to make decisions or provide business cases to support the business’ needs.

We will be in touch with members as soon as we have further information from TAFE NSW.

It is important that you continue to have a say and your voice is heard.

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