Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Coal Services Pty Ltd – Comparing current and proposed Position Descriptions

CPSU NSW met with CMI on Monday 16 July 2018 to progress discussions as advised by Vice President Catanzariti.

During the meeting the CPSU NSW raised, again, that there are no substantial differences between the current and proposed Position Descriptions (PD’s). The skills, experience and abilities outlined are no different from what you currently have and while there is a change in process and direction, the requirements to perform the roles are no different.

CMI provided new documentation based on the NSW Government Capability Framework to try to justify their position. Not only is Coal Services not required to use the Framework, it is still based around the current skills and capability.

While the CPSU NSW agrees there are changes, they are not significant and can be fulfilled with simple, in-house training and development of current employees. There should be no need for most current staff to reapply for their jobs. The CPSU NSW stand by its position current staff should be directly appointed.

CMI called an end to the meeting after an hour of discussion stating that they will put forward their final position. This is not maintaining the status quo and is not in the spirit of open, transparent consultation.