Friday, 13 July 2018

Coal Services CMI Dispute – Fair Work Commission Hearing 12 July 2018

Coal Services CMI Dispute – Fair Work Commission Hearing 12 July 2018 (PDF version)

As you’re aware, the CPSU NSW filed a dispute with the Fair Work Commission due to the lack of clear information provided to you regarding Coal Services 2020 Strategy and the current impact on the CMI business.

Yesterday we had a teleconference with FWC Vice President Catanzariti and CMI management. At the hearing we argued successfully that there is enough doubt in the proposed PD’s that the status quo has to be maintained while we hold further discussions. This means that the “Tips and Trick” sessions will be withdrawn and there can be no changes to the current structure.

Vice President Catanzariti agreed that there was not enough time provided between the final PD’s for the “Heads of” positions and the close of the EOI. Therefore, we have secured a further 5 days for internal EOI’s to be submitted. If you want to be a Head Of, please apply via an EOI.

Your CPSU NSW representatives will be meeting with CMI on Monday, 16 July in relation to the proposed PD’s.

We believe you should not have to apply for the job you are currently doing and apart from a few newly created roles, you should be directly appointed to the proposed like role.

Vice President Catanzariri has stood the matter over for us to be able to return for further assistance.

We have attached the response to the dispute from CMI for your information HERE.

Additionally, the CPSU NSW was concerned that the Board of Coal Services PTY LTD had not been fully informed of the process and the way in which CMI was managing the restructure and we’ve written to the Board to advise them of our concerns. We have included a copy of the letter HERE for you as well. We are yet to receive a response.

We will provide a further update following Mondays meeting.