Wednesday, 13 June 2018

University of New South Wales blitz bulletin

University of New South Wales blitz bulletin – June 2018 (PDF version)

As part of the upcoming Student Services Restructure the CPSU NSW is seeking to ensure that fixed term employees are not disadvantaged when applying for the new ongoing positions.

The Change Proposals says that the fixed term employees will continue as are, but only until the end of their contract. Fixed term employees are therefore excluded from priority access to the 57 new positions being created which would enable them to have work beyond the end date of their current contract.

This is entirely unfair and discriminatory towards the fixed term staff who work hard for the university, and shows a complete lack of respect.

The CPSU NSW has a stall on campus today from 8am – 1pm. At the stall there is a petition to sign demanding that the university give priority to fixed term staff (as well as the disestablished staff) before proceeding to an open application process to the general public.

Members also have access to a free coffee coupon provided by the Sydney Credit Union and we will be located outside W.H. Smith in the quadrangle.

Please make some time to come and sign the petition and have a chat (and get your free coffee). Membership forms will also be available for anyone who wishes to join on the day. The Sydney Credit Union will also be there to chat about the various benefits CPSU NSW members receive (such as low interest loans).

We hope to see you there!