Monday, 9 April 2018

University of New England Enterprise Bargaining update

University of New England Enterprise Bargaining update – April 2018 (PDF version)

Your CPSU NSW bargaining team met with university management on Tuesday, 27 March.

CPSU NSW presented draft clauses on Transfers, Sick Leave, and the Professional Development Fund.

We are pushing hard to ensure Professional Staff receive protection from arbitrary transfers, by seeking that staff can only be moved to another area of the university by mutual agreement.

To ensure that Professional Staff get access to useful and relevant professional development, CPSU NSW is seeking that the EA prioritises training that leads to recognised industry qualifications. We are currently working with UNE management to identify courses that will be relevant to professional staff without attracting excessive FBT rates which would seriously reduce the amount of funding available. We have also requested that where an application for training has been rejected, reasons are provided and that there is also a new, clear mechanism for appeal to higher levels of management.

We are pleased to report the university seems favourable to a number of our claims to make providing evidence in support of Sick Leave fairer and less onerous. In particular, to expand the list of allowable evidence to include Pharmacists and Statutory Declarations, and to replace the rolling 12-month period for provision of certificates with a fixed period based either on a calendar year or anniversary date.

The next bargaining meeting will be on 10 April.

For any further information or feedback, please contact one of your CPSU NSW Bargaining representatives:

Thane Pearce, Industrial Officer:

Amanda Lang

Lynda Creedy

Jack McCaw

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