Wednesday, 21 March 2018

TAFENSW member update

TAFE NSW member update – March 2018 (PDF version)

In recent days members have been contacted in relation to their success in obtaining a position in the new TAFE NSW structure.

The CPSU NSW has great concerns regarding how this has transpired and the decision process/practices involved in the appointment of staff.

TAFE NSW informed the unions about trialling this recruitment process, which we expressed strong concerns about.

In particular, the CPSU NSW demanded that many of the Level 2 employees, who do substantially similar work to some Level 3s, have priority access before external applicants. TAFE NSW refused to make any amendments and the union still believes there are strong arguments to support Level 2 employees being given priority.

The CPSU NSW would like to hear from members regarding their experiences during the Group 4 restructure, especially any problems and if you were not successful in gaining a position. The CPSU does not accept that the recruitment process has been fair and equitable and will seek an urgent meeting with TAFENSW. In order to Support this, we need your specific experiences to validate our claim. Your Delegates Committee will be meeting on Friday 23 March to discuss the recruitment process and further advice will be provided next week to members.

Comments and feedback from members will be considered by your delegates at the Delegates Committee meeting.

Feedback and comments to .

Requests for support (see below) 1300 772 679 or .

The history of institutes doing their own thing and local power bases developed by managers, has seen inequitable outcomes across different “former institutes”. ONETAFE needs to work with staff and the respective unions by listening and learning from the mistakes made and this will be exacerbated by simply getting rid of staff with years and years of corporate knowledge and practical experience.

TAFE NSW emphasises that staff are at the Centre of Our Core Values and therefore must retain staff so as to become the best educational/training provider in the world.

Members are asked to contact the CPSU NSW for assistance if unsuccessful in being appointed to a position and wanting to challenge this. Depending on the individual’s circumstance, we may have a good legal argument to fight to keep jobs. Regardless of the legal situation, the CPSU NSW will be arguing and fighting to keep members’ jobs.

For support, please call 1300 772 679 or email .

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