Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hunter Valley Disability Services member bulletin

Hunter Valley Disability Services member bulletin – March 2018 (PDF version)

What next?

Meeting with Management

Representatives from the PSA / CPSU NSW have met with representatives of the HVDS consortium. HVDS have agreed to have regular Joint Consultative Committee meetings to enable us to deal with issues that affect many or most members. In addition, we have access to the HR department to enable us to deal with individual issues.

We have also received confirmation from HVDS that we can apply for Right of Entry to group homes and other sites to hold workplace meetings. We can now start visiting group homes to attend team meetings. If your team would like a visit please contact us at .

As previously reported we wrote to HVDS to raise the many issues members are facing since the privatisation. A lot of those issues are around payroll and payslips. The HVDS representative admitted they have found the complexities of the payroll challenging and that mistakes have occurred. They advise they are working through these issues.

The PSA/CPSU NSW received a commitment from HVDS representatives that should members be overpaid, a repayment regime can be negotiated to repay the overpayment. Should any members encounter problems with this please contact the PSA/CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679 and we will assist.

Your pay and conditions

Just a reminder that your pay and conditions transferred with you.

No change can be made to these conditions for at least two years. Even then, your pay and conditions cannot change unless a new agreement is made on which you will be able to vote.

For more information on this process download the fact sheet HERE.

Work Health and Safety

The PSA/CPSU NSW raised concerns with the delay in dealing with an issue we wrote to HVDS about over a month ago. As they have not provided a response we have referred the matter to our WHS specialists who will carry out an inspection of the site and advise SafeWork NSW.

Also, you may not be aware that each worksite (group home, respite centre or office) is entitled to elect a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) for that site. If you do not have a HSR for your site we encourage you to elect one at your next team or worksite meeting. The PSA/CPSU NSW can provide HSR training to elected representatives. We encourage all HSRs to undertake union run HSR training.

Hunter Disability Workplace Group meeting

The workplace group has met on 30 January and 28 February with a number of PSA/CPSU NSW staff in attendance. The next meeting of the Workplace Group will be held on 28 March. We hope you can attend so please put the date in your diary.

Update your details

Your record in our database has been updated with your new employer but if you know of a member who is not receiving our bulletins please ask them to go to the PSA website to update their details or call us direct on 1300 772 679.

Do you know a non-member? Ask them to JOIN. There is strength in numbers.