Monday, 5 March 2018

University of Wollongong member update

University of Wollongong member update – March 2018 (PDF version)

On 28 February, CPSU NSW representatives met with the university and NTEU to continue with the process of Enterprise Bargaining for the new Enterprise Agreement. The topics of this meeting were: Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Parental Leave, Family Leave, Domestic Violence Leave, and Superannuation.

Annual leave

The CPSU NSW raised its claim for the ability to purchase annual leave. This would facilitate a stronger work/life balance, and would also help to ameliorate some of the issues parents can often face with children during school holidays. CPSU NSW also raised the prospect of the ability to take annual leave at half pay. UOW raised issues regarding the administration of these leave changes and how they may affect unit workloads and the accumulation of leave balances. There is a lot more discussion to come on this issue.

Sick Leave

The CPSU NSW noted the current inequity regarding sick leave between the Academic Staff Agreement and the General Staff Agreement. Academic staff currently receive 30 days’ sick leave upon employment, and 15 days every year after. Professional staff currently only receive the 15 days per annum. The CPSU NSW believes this discrepancy is unacceptable and is seeking to gain parity with the Academic entitlements.

Parental Leave

The CPSU NSW would like to see Partner Leave increased from five to 10 days.

This is to ensure partners are able to support the primary care giver and to spend much-needed time with their child.

Family Leave

The CPSU NSW is committed to increasing Family Leave from eight to 10 days, and to increase Bereavement Leave from one to three days. Also raised was the issue of Domestic Violence Leave. The CPSU NSW argued for Domestic Violence Leave to be a stand-alone clause, with an entitlement of 20 days’ paid Domestic Violence Leave.


The CPSU NSW again requested that 17 per cent superannuation be extended to all staff. UOW’s response is it would be “enormously” expensive to extend this to casual staff, for example. The CPSU also asked the university to consider the inequity for part-time employees also, as opposed to full-time staff. UOW said it would have to consider this from an all over financial point of view.

The CPSU NSW will continue to keep members updated as we continue with bargaining. If any member has questions about what is happening during the bargaining process, please email:

If you have colleagues who are not in the CPSU NSW, encourage them to join at united we bargain, divided we beg!

Chris Bird – Organiser

Community and Public Sector Union – SPSF Group – NSW Branch
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