Thursday, 25 January 2018

Bulletin to Northcott members – We are still your union

Bulletin to Northcott members – We are still your union – January 2018 (PDF version)

Happy New Year to you all.

Your employment

You are now working for a new employer but your union is still the same. As you know, everyone who is a member of the PSA is also a member of the CPSU NSW and we are still here to represent you in this new world in which you are working.

Working relationship with Northcott

Senior staff of the PSA/CPSU NSW have now met with senior staff from Northcott. Northcott have agreed to have regular consultative meetings with the union and your delegates. These meetings will discuss systemic issues that members would like raised.

We have also set up a mechanism for raising individual issues with management to ensure we can assist members with their issues when necessary.

Award and rostering principles

Your employment conditions, your award and rostering principles are the same as they were when you worked for ADHC. Before you transferred over, the PSA had your award changed to ensure that the rostering principles under which you worked where enshrined in law. They are now part of your award and should operate the same as before.

While some things about the way you communicate with your employer may have changed, your award and the rostering principles remain the same.

We continue to be your union

As stated above, the PSA/CPSU NSW is still your union. We have been told that some staff are being advised that we are no longer the union. This is incorrect.

We have reached an agreement with the ASU whereby if you work in a Group Home or Respite Centre or are doing associated work which was previously part of the public sector we are still your union.

We have agreed that we will not go into workplaces that were previously private and try to recruit members but if you were previously a public servant, we remain your union.

Your pay and conditions at the end of 2 years

As part of your transfer, you have been given a 2 year employment guarantee (6 months if you are a casual). Your pay and conditions will stay the same for up to 5 years. The only way your pay and conditions will change is if you, the CPSU NSW and the employer (Northcott) reach an agreement to do so.

Should an enterprise agreement be negotiated in the time between the 2 years and the 5 years, you will have the opportunity to vote on whether you agree with what is proposed. If you are a union member, the CPSU NSW will work with you and negotiate for you.

Union feedback

Your Northcott delegates are:

Please contact then if you have any issues you would like raised at the next delegates committee.

The delegates meet again on 8 February so providing feedback by then will ensure your issues will be raised.

If you have an individual issue you would like to raise with the union, please contact us on 1300 772 679

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