Thursday, 18 January 2018

House with No Steps – consultation meeting regarding recruitment strategy for casual staff

House with No Steps – consultation meeting regarding recruitment strategy for casual staff – January 2018 (PDF version)

The CPSU NSW/PSA met with House with No Steps (HWNS) to discuss the future recruitment process for casual and part-time employees.

HWNS advised that:

  • It was intending to write to all casual and temporary employees regarding recruitment action before the expiry of the six-month employment guarantee period on 5 April 2018.
  • It wants to identify existing part-time employees who might wish to increase their existing hours and those staff who are successful in the recruitment action would be employed permanently on FACS terms and conditions.
  • The recruitment process will be conducted as a group with applicants asked scenarios which require problem solving responses. Permanent part-time employees do not have to sit for the group assessment process.
  • HWNS will try to align the casual staff with the salary rates paid to Support Workers in accordance with the Social, Community, Homecare, Accommodation and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (the SCHADSI Award).
  • The successful candidates will commence on Friday 6 April 2018.
  • There will be opportunities to apply for transfer across regions.

HWNS has now written to all casual employees and forwarded copies of that communication to the CPSU NSW as follows:

  • Letter advising the commencement of the recruitment process due to the expiry of the six-month employment guarantee of your existing FACS conditions on 5 April 2018 HERE.
  • HWNS Services – Casual Employees Recruitment Process frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) HERE.

The CPSU NSW would like feedback from members regarding these documents and the recruitment action.

The CPSU NSW will write to HWNS with details of your comments or concerns.

Please submit your comments by Thursday 25 January 2018 via the survey link HERE.

We encourage members to update their details online before the vote, as some members have moved but have not updated their information. You can do so by going to

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues.
  • Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.
  • Ask a colleague to join the CPSU NSW/PSA.
  • Get involved as your Area Contact.
  • Attend a meeting at your worksite.