Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Water NSW enterprise bargaining – Staff survey reminder

Water NSW enterprise bargaining – Staff survey reminder – October 2017 (PDF version)

Reminder – Staff survey on removal and changes to Allowances

In order for the CPSU NSW to accurately reflect our members views, please complete the survey HERE in response to the proposals by Water NSW to remove and change the allowances across all of Water NSW.

While it is surprisingly that not everyone is a member of the CPSU NSW, all employees of Water NSW will get to vote on the enterprise agreement, unless they are not covered such as senior managers.

To help your union get a better picture of what all employees think, please forward this email to your colleagues and ask they complete the survey.

Discuss the proposals with them, and ask them to join the CPSU NSW HERE.

Where there is a discrepancy between what members say and non-members, the union will be advocating the views of members So it’s important that everyone at Water NSW joins the CPSU NSW.

In addition to industrial services for existing members who have trouble at work, and support in negotiating your pay and conditions of employment, the CPSU NSW provides a range of value added services.

In your conversations with your colleagues, this may help encourage them to join the CPSU NSW.

Included with your CPSU NSW membership is:

  • 10% off grocery shopping at Coles and Woolworths through Union Shopper. Purchase $100 gift cards for $90. Union Shopper also has a wide range of cheap deals for union members including electrical and white goods, cars, insurance and more. Visit to see the full range for CPSU NSW members
  • Provident Fund pays $3,500 to nominated beneficiary if a union member dies, regardless of cause
  • Free Wills – through our associated law firm McNallys Jones Staff
  • Salary Insurance if injured travelling to or from work – this is no longer covered by workers compensation (see Product and Disclosure Statement and Policy HERE)
  • Personal Injury Insurance – permanent disability or death as a result of an accident (doesn’t cover sickness, medical expenses or income insurance). Provides up to $30,000 if the member dies from an accident, or up to $60,000 if an accident leads to quadriplegia or paraplegia. Bed care if hospitalised of $50 per day. Subject to terms and conditions, please read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy HERE
  • Exclusive deals on home loans, credit cards, personal loans and insurance products from Sydney Credit Union (SCU)
  • A scholarship of $850 per year for three years for children of union members who start university
  • Welfare Rights Centre – provides support on all welfare/social services, including family allowances, sickness benefits, births and deaths, Austudy, unemployment, sole parenting etc.
  • Workers Health Centre – rehabilitation centre and WHS services.

See for the full details and remember, your union membership is fully tax deductible.

Visit the CPSU NSW or PSA website to join the CPSU NSW.

To read all the CPSU NSW updates, please visit HERE.

Please note, CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body that resources and manages the CPSU NSW

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