Thursday, 14 September 2017

CST members: Know your union, stay united!

CST members – Know your union, stay united – September 2017 (PDF version)

The past month has been a very challenging time for Clinical Services and CST members across the state as you moved into the private sector and adjusted to your new employer.

Many concerns members had before the privatisation have been realised. These have resulted in your union, the CPSU NSW, initiating legal proceedings in the Fair Work Commission in an effort to enforce your rights.

This is not our first preference, which is to resolve issues at the local level.

The only way we can build strong consultative structures that are respected by your employer is by remaining vigilant and united as CPSU NSW members.

The strength of your union comes from you.

To support the work of the CPSU NSW in your workplace make sure everyone knows who the delegates are and encourage all non-members to join their colleagues and become a CPSU NSW member.


 Your CST Advisory Group delegates are:

»    Bronwyn Couch »    Susan Lappan
»    Cheryl Jones »    Itaru Yamamoto
»    Helen Goltzoff »    Kim Ainsworth
»    Kathy Nash »    Jessie Hartley
»    Kylie Fulton »    Craig Maynard
»    Tomas Buratovich »    Wynette Sheather

If you’re interested in becoming a delegate let your organiser know or email us at .

Still haven’t switched to Direct Debit payments?

Or don’t know how you pay your fees? Email us at to check, we will let you know if you need to switch.


Download the switch form HERE, fill it in and email it back to us at . You can contact our membership department direct on 1300 772 679.

Protecting your membership so that you have your union and its collective strength behind you when bargaining for conditions is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.