Friday, 8 September 2017

CST members: Your union is working for you post-privatisation

CST members – Your union is working for you post-privatisation – September 2017 (PDF version)

It has now been a month since you transferred to The Benevolent Society (TBS) and a lot has been happening. On 28 July we farewelled you from the PSA and welcomed you into the part of our union that looks after members employed in the federal sector, the CPSU NSW.

We encourage those who missed the bulletin to read it HERE.

Since then, the CPSU NSW has been taking action to support members through the transition and working to raise and resolve issues with TBS.

Don’t forget, you have the same experienced staff with the CPSU NSW as you did with the PSA.

Get to know your award

Your PSA/CPSU NSW negotiated awards transferred with you to TBS as “copied state instruments”.  This means all your conditions, fought for and won by your union, remain in place. Get to know your union-won conditions by downloading the fact sheet and award HERE.

For a copy of your award click HERE.

CPSU NSW raises member concerns with TBS

A wide range of issues have been raised by members, which we have put to TBS for discussion and consultation. These issues include:

  • proposed changes to the Case Manger role description including responsibility for managing financials (registering of employee PRODA accounts)
  • support and training for members in changing roles
  • accommodation and remote work arrangements for clinical services employees
  • new requirements for clinical services employees to provide annual driving reports to TBS
  • union and delegate rights including access to induction sessions (sub-clause 53.1.7 of the Conditions Award) and access to facilities by CPSU delegates (see clause 58 of the Conditions Award)
  • right of entry arrangements for CPSU NSW staff and officials to meet with and support members.

Your CPSU NSW representatives met with TBS’s Employment Relations Manager, Nicole Peacocke, on 29 August 2017 to discuss how we can resolve these issues and establish a formal consultative framework for the future.

Unfortunately TBS is reluctant to consult with the CPSU NSW, which has forced us to initiate legal proceedings in the Fair Work Commission in an effort to enforce your rights. This is not our first preference, which is to resolve issues at the local level.

We will keep members informed as matters progress.

If you have issues you’d like the CPSU NSW to consider let your delegate or organiser know, or email us at .