Land and Property Information member update – August 2017

LPI – ARI member update – Aug 2017 (PDF version)

Your union, the CPSU NSW, met with ARI management on Thursday 24 August for a regular ARI Transition Consultative Committee.

As you may be aware, there are a suite of 11 new ‘interim’ policies which pertain to your employment relationship with ARI.

We had previously requested that these policies be tabled at the TCC for discussion with the CPSU NSW.

We now have a commitment from management that it will engage with the CPSU NSW on the feedback that we provide them.

This bulletin is a call out to all members to please take a few moments to read these policies and send any comments, issues or questions through to your local delegate for their consideration.

There is no specific deadline. However we are told that the new HR manager will be commencing with LPI/ARI in early September and will get things rolling shortly thereafter, so please aim to send your feedback no later than Wednesday 13 September.

Your CPSU NSW delegates:

Rachel Tribe

Matthew Brooks

Lynette Severino

Phyllis Schinella

Sharon Achmad