Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Water NSW Enterprise Bargaining update

Water NSW Enterprise Bargaining update – August 2017 (PDF version)

No excuse to delay bargaining, and further delay pay rises for former State Water Corp employees

Daniel Lucas’s email on 7 August 2017 reported that Water NSW is again delaying negotiations for your enterprise agreement.

CPSU NSW requested that negotiations commence in the second half of 2016 to ensure negotiations are completed by June 2017.

Instead, Water NSW delayed and delayed this process until April 2017 giving very little time to get through all the various issues by June.

As was the case with State Water Corp members with amalgamating many different awards and instruments, there is a lot of complexity across the multiple awards and enterprise agreement to be resolved.

You can see a copy of the union’s letter to Water NSW HERE.

It’s time Water NSW got back to the bargaining table, and continued to negotiate in good faith, even if the topics are limited to issues that don’t impact on the total employee related expenses.

While these are not key issues for most members, they are still important and can be negotiated now while Water NSW waits for the NSW Wages Task Force.

If Water NSW refuses to meet to negotiate then the CPSU NSW can apply to the Fair Work Commission to requirement them to meet and negotiate.

As for the 3.3%, the CPSU NSW asserts that it applies to former DPI Water and SCA employees. This matter is now with our National Office to raise with the Fair Work Commission.

There are some complexities that may take some time to address, so unfortunately there wont be a quick resolution. Regardless, the CPSU NSW continues to fight for members both from former SWC and former DPI employees across Water NSW.


Please print a copy of this bulletin (click on the link above for the PDF flyer) and share with your colleagues, add to your notice board, leave copies in your lunch room.

Make sure that your colleagues know what is going on, and that the CPSU NSW is here to support members in getting the best outcome for everyone.

What can members do to help?

Ask your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU NSW.

When workers are organised and united, the stronger we are. It’s only through helping your union be as strong as possible can we all achieved better outcomes for all employees. Handing out union notices, and asking colleagues to join the CPSU NSW is a small step, and hopefully management listen without further action required.

Remember, you can contact your Bargaining Team by emailing .

Your Bargaining Team is:

Tim Budd, Andrew Harrison, Clare Purtle and Scott Butler from Water NSW, and CPSU NSW industrial staff Blake Stephens, Lisa Nelson and Cassandra Guidice.

Please note, all members of the Public Service Association of NSW are also members of the CPSU NSW. Members retain their membership if/when transferring between the Public Service and Government Services such as State Owned Corporations.