Friday, 4 August 2017

TAFE wide restructure – TAFE NSW reporting that 2500 positions affected

TAFE wide restructure – TAFE NSW reporting that 2500 positions affected – August 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU NSW met with TAFE NSW management yesterday for a briefing on the proposed Organisation Changes for Education and Training Group, Regions and TAFE Digital.

There are at least 1630 individual people who will be impacted by this, including Teachers, Customer Support, Clerical Support, Executive Assistants, Administrative Support, Class Support, Campus Managers, Faculty/Business/Executive Support Officers, Team Leaders, TAFE Managers.

Every CPSU NSW member needs to read through the documentation and provide their feedback during AUGUST. You only have FOUR WEEKS from Monday to read the proposed changes, ask questions, review the FAQ pages as they are updated and submit your feedback.

This is one of the largest restructures across TAFE NSW that we have seen in many, many years. Overall, TAFE NSW is expecting an increase of 291 employees. What positions remain, where the positions remain is in the detail, so please read the documentation carefully.

IMPORTANT – TAFE Worker Levels 2, 3 & 4

The single biggest impact is for 575.8 FTE positions across TWL 2, 3 & 4, affecting 521 people.

TAFE Worker Level 2 – 102 people -> possible access to TWL 3 positions.

TAFE Worker Level 3 – 230 people -> 315.4 FTE positions at TWL 3.

TAFE Worker Level 4 – 189 people -> 126.6 FTE positions at TWL 4, with 11 FTE position at TWL 5 with no current TWL 5 employees affected.

TAFE NSW has assured the CPSU that people at TWL 2 will be given priority assessment against external applicants when applying for a TAFE Worker Level 3 position. However employees at TAFE Worker Level 4 may also be competing for a TWL 3 position as well.

TAFE Worker Level 9 employees are also impacted with 13 people for 5 FTE positions. However there is an increase in TAFE Manager 1 positions (an additional 35 FTE) and TAFE Worker Level 8 positions (an additional 23 FTE).

This is why every CPSU member needs to read the proposal. See if you are affected, see what the proposed impacts may be, ask questions during the scheduled meetings, read the FAQs and come back to check any updates, and most importantly provide your feedback. Feedback can be provided HERE.

The CPSU NSW is here to support members during this process. The CPSU will be arranging members meetings to discuss the restructure and to collate members feedback. Please let us know about any urgent problems so we can raise them with management during the process. Make sure you provide feedback directly to the link above as well as to the union. You can send feedback to .

What to look out for:

Find your current position, and see if any of the proposed positions are similar – you may be directly placed, pooled assessed and/or self-matched.

Look for where the new position may be, and if the location is variable. Regardless of what TAFE NSW says, if you are directly placed to a position at a location that you feel is unreasonable, then contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.

Check the classifications, read the Position Descriptions and check against the Work Level Standards in the back of the Enterprise Agreement. You can find a copy of the TAFE Administrative Support and Related Enterprise Agreement by clicking HERE.

And remember, provide your feedback – and let your union know if there are any key problems with the proposal, or if your questions and concerns are not addressed.

Ask your colleagues to JOIN the CPSU NSW online HERE. Your Union will keep in touch with members throughout this process so keep an eye out for updates and meeting schedules.