Friday, 4 August 2017

TAFE NSW ICT Interim arrangements

TAFE NSW ICT Interim arrangements – August 2017 (PDF version)

Your union was briefed by Alex Demetre, HR Business Partner for ICT and Donna Wilcox Head of Workplace Relations at TAFE Corporate.

We were informed that there will be a repointing exercise plus interim arrangements until the end of the year.

No jobs will be lost and no positions will have changed duties.

There were 10 different groups which are now coming into functional lines.

The General Managers will be holding individual videoconferences to clarify what will be happening.

These are not mandatory but we advise members to attend.

TAFE NSW have stated there are opportunities for training and professional development.

We encourage members to take advantage of these opportunities and to come back to us with any concerns.

The cutting of the ties with DoE means that TAFE NSW will require more capability from its staff.

If current staff have the skills, we are told that there will be jobs available.

If not, there will be a contingent labour force brought in until the end of the year while current staff are trained.

There will then be merit selection processes. Current TAFE staff will be trained and upskilled so that they can apply for these positions.

CPSU NSW will be watching to ensure that agency staff are not appointed ahead of TAFE staff.

TAFE NSW have committed to sending out transitional structure charts in the coming weeks.

We recommend that members take a close look at these and raise any concerns with Alex Demetre in the first instance and then with your local delegate followed by the CPSU NSW Member Support Centre.

Your current Industrial Officer, Phoebe Dangerfield, will be on leave until the end of September. Your acting Industrial Officer, Graydon Welsh, can be contacted on .

It is important that you continue to have a say and your voice is heard. You can support the work of the union and your local delegates by joining the CPSU NSW.

Please forward this to your colleagues so that they know their rights, and encourage them to JOIN the CPSU NSW.