Thursday, 3 August 2017

TAFE NSW Group 4 Restructure update

TAFE NSW Group 4 Restructure update – August 2017 (PDF version)

Your union attended a briefing on 1 August for the Business Development and Strategy and Policy elements of the Group 4 restructure. There will be a further briefing for the remaining affected areas on 3 August which your union will also attend.

Business Development

There will be a Central Team with some regional areas. The Central Team will not necessarily be in Sydney. TAFE NSW has provided functional maps. We recommend that you look at these and make sure you ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

138 positions are impacted. 85 will be eligible for matching. 53 will be able to apply at step 6 of the placement process. TAFE worker levels 3 and 4 and SEOs are mostly impacted. Staff can choose to opt in or opt out depending if they want to stay in their substantive role or go for the higher role if they have been doing higher duties. There will also be transition roles which will be temporary. Locations for most roles will be optional. If you want to opt in or out of this restructure you must talk to HR now. Please come back to us if there are problems and we will intercede on your behalf.

The union will continue to have consultation meetings with management to raise member concerns during the process so we need you to submit feedback to us. Feedback closes 28 August so we need your views by COB 23 August.

Strategy and Policy

This is the other half of the Finance Review from Group 1. EAs in the regions who were left out of Group 1 will be picked up here.

According to TAFE NSW, this restructure will enable the regions to focus on delivery. 35 positions are impacted, with 34 positions currently vacant.

An Organisational Chart has been provided which members should look at. Positions currently based in Ultimo will need to remain there as TAFE Corporate is based in Ultimo. The rest of the positions can be location optional so you can opt to stay in your current location.

The areas mostly affected by this review are Ultimo, Kingswood, St Leonards, Port Macquarie. We need members to send their feedback to us as soon as possible so that we can raise individual concerns quickly. Feedback closes 28 August.

The union will be advocating for members only, so staff who are affected and not yet members will need to join before 28 August. If you know anyone in this position, please talk with them about joining now.

It is important that you continue to have a say and your voice is heard. You can support the work of the union and your local delegates by joining the CPSU NSW.

Please forward this to your colleagues so that they know their rights, and encourage them to JOIN the CPSU NSW.