Tuesday, 1 August 2017

DPI Water and WaterNSW member bulletin

DPI Water and WaterNSW member bulletin – August 2017 (PDF version)

Dear members,

In light of the recent Four Corners report on ABC relating to allegations of pump-tampering and the alleged offer by the senior officer of DPI Water to help lobbyists campaign against the Murray-Darling Basin plan, the PSA/CPSU NSW reiterates its support of the integrity and professionalism of our members in DPI Water and Water NSW.

The report is not and should not be seen as critical of PSA/CPSU NSW members. The bad decisions of those in managerial or governmental positions should not cast a shadow over the employees of DPI Water and Water NSW who, on a daily basis, show their loyalty to the community in their hard work, ethical decision-making and commitment to their roles.

In mid-2016 a large number of functions previously conducted by DPI Water were transferred to Water NSW, which is a state-owned corporation. Close to 250 positions were transferred. The PSA/CPSU NSW and its members opposed many of these changes. In particular, the union advised water regulation should remain under the appropriate oversight of government as opposed to being moved under Water NSW, which is the bulk water supplier managing two-thirds of the water used.

Within six months of these changes, a major restructure occurred within what was left of DPI Water. This led to the casting off of hundreds of years of knowledge and history in the form of loyal and able employees at all levels. This whole process has been debilitating and led to a demoralised employee base in each of the organisations with responsibility for water in this state.

Regardless our members continue to perform their duties to the highest of their abilities with the interests of the public. The PSA/CPSU NSW believes the general public of this state will differentiate between our valued members and those in high-level roles subject to the allegations currently coming from the media. If members are called to give evidence or participate in the enquiry in any way, please contact the PSA/CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.

Please note, all members of the Public Service Association of NSW are also members of the CPSU NSW. Members retain their membership if/when transferring between the Public Service and Government Services such as State Owned Corporations.