Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Forestry Corp NSW Fair Work and Enterprise Agreement update

Forestry Corp NSW Fair Work and Enterprise Agreement update – July 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU’s scope case successfully improved the process for Level 6s choosing to be on Common Law Contracts concluded on 7 July 2017 with CPSU, Forestry and the AWU supporting the Enterprise Agreement.

Achievements from CPSU Scope Case in Fair Work:

  • Forestry Corp stopped guaranteeing Level 6s would be better off under a Common Law Contract – a document negotiated individually between Manager and employee – because this was not true!
  • Forestry Corp was required to ask Level 6s whether they wanted to be on Common Law Contracts, when previously it was simply telling them.
  • Forestry Corp said if Level 6s did not want to be on Common Law contracts they could fall back on the Enterprise Agreement. Before that, Level 6 employees were told if they did not sign, they would be on the contract anyway!
  • Pay increases of 2.5 per cent were guaranteed in the contracts offered to level 6s rather than just in the cover letter.
  • Forestry Corp made it clear some Level 6s would lose access to Fair Work if they were unfairly dismissed. This meant they would have to go to the expensive Supreme Court of NSW to get their jobs back.

In late June, early July CPSU officials, delegates and members took part in roadshows which explained the changes in the Enterprise Agreement and the vote. The agreement has now been approved.

Key features of the agreement, gained as a result of union demands include:

  • 2.5 per cent pay increase over three years of the agreement
  • Ability to take annual leave in advance
  • Ability to take leave without pay whilst still having annual leave
  • Improved domestic violence leave
  • Retention of union picnic day (use it or lose it). It already included all temps, regardless of length of service, now they have to have six months’ continuous service
  • Salary Progression Working Committee
  • Saving the Joint Consultative Committee – Forestry Corp wanted to get rid of it!

All of these improvements were as a result of union demands. Some Independent Bargaining Representatives went to bargaining meetings and  were unsuccessful in having their proposals adopted by Forestry Corp.

However, we did not get all that we asked for. Forestry Corp refused to give people working 35 hours the option of working 38 hours, which make up the extra unpaid hours that they do. So, Forestry Corp continues to profit from the unpaid dedication of staff.

To be more effective and to win more for our members, we need more people to join the CPSU.

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Please note: The CPSU NSW is the Federal Counterpart of the Public Service Association of NSW. CPSU members are also members of the PSA.