Friday, 14 July 2017

CPSU NSW/PSA meeting with LPI/ARI

CPSU NSW and PSA meeting with LPI and ARI – July 2017 (PDF version)

On Tuesday 11 July, PSA General Secretary Stewart Little and PSA industrial staff met with executives of Australian Registry Investments Andrew Faber and Mark Hector.

The purpose of this initial meeting was to explain our long history of representing LPI staff and our continuing coverage after the transition to ARI under the banner of CPSU NSW (PSA), in the federal industrial relations jurisdiction.

We are pleased to have reached agreement with the new executive on key issues, namely:

  • The continuation of the existing management/union consultation processes, including consultative committees
  • Continuation of the existing workplace groups and delegate structures within LPI
  • Confirmation that ARI will comply with the 2.5 per cent Public Sector pay increase
  • Obligations of the employer with regard to the Land and Property Information (Authorised Transaction) Act 2016 and the copied state award.

Finally, members should not be concerned about their flex entitlements being terminated after 12 months. The DFSI flexible working hours agreement that is currently in place is linked to the copied state award which covers all LPI staff. This means that so long as that flex agreement remains in place (which we expect that it will), LPI staff will continue to enjoy its benefits until at least the end of the four-year employment guarantee period.

The CPSU NSW/PSA is with you and remains your union for all industrial matters.