Monday, 3 July 2017

Water NSW member update

Water NSW member update – July 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU has received a response from Water NSW regarding the Fair Work Commission’s decision for 3.3% pay rise being passed onto copied state awards.

As you would have seen from David Harris’s email, Water NSW is not recognising the full 3.3%.

The union do not agree with this and have responded.

You can see the letter from Water NSW HERE and the response from the unions HERE.

The unions continue claim that the full 3.3% is required to be passed on to all Water NSW employees.

This happened in 2016 where Water NSW provided an administrative pay rise to all Water NSW employees when DPI Water members brought across their 2.5% on 1 July 2016.

For 2017, Water NSW should do the same and provide the pay rise to all Water NSW employees to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equitably.

If Water NSW continues to not accept that the full 3.3% be paid, then the CPSU, ASU and Professionals Australia will pursue this matter with the Commission to ensure that the full pay rise is paid.

While we may not be able to require former State Water Corp employees be paid the same, the CPSU does not accept Water NSW withholding the pay rise from SWC employees either, and we will continue to demand that all employees be paid the same pay rises.

Please let your colleagues know what the unions are doing for them, and ask them to JOIN the CPSU NSW (PSA) online.