Monday, 3 July 2017

Majority rejects TransGrid EBA

Majority rejects TransGrid EBA – July 2017 (PDF Version)

Dear CPSU members,

This is a CPSU notification to our members at TransGrid to advise on the outcome of the ballot for the TransGrid Enterprise Agreement 2017.

As many of you may already know from the statement released by the CEO; 62 per cent of TransGrid staff voted “No” to TransGrid’s proposed agreement, with 813 employees participating in the ballot.

The CPSU would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our members, for keeping in touch with your union about your views and for your united support of each other and the union position.

The CPSU would also like to thank the other unions that campaigned shoulder to shoulder with the CPSU to secure this result – Professionals Australia (PA), the United Services Union (USU) and Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) have all worked cooperatively together preparing campaign materials and holding member meetings to explain our position on the agreement.

A lot of work went into this No Vote campaign and we have clearly sent a message to management about what we think of the agreement they proposed. TransGrid has not divided us, it has united us and the collective voice continues to be strong at TransGrid.

The CPSU has not at this stage been contacted by TransGrid to have discussions but as stated in the CEO’s statement, it does intend to meet with employee representatives to find a path and move forward.

TransGrid may now re-assessing its industrial strategies and approach to bargaining. If you are a CPSU member please feel free to contact us to provide your comments.

If you are a TransGrid staff member and not yet a union member this is an important time to join. The more members we have the stronger our bargaining power. To join the CPSU please go to the following link HERE.