Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Australian Unity – Don’t take on unreasonable workloads

Australian Unity – Don’t take on unreasonable workloads – May 2017 (PDF version)

Do not work unreasonable additional hours and work strictly to your role description. The CPSU is urging all members to only undertake work that fits within their role description. This situation has developed due to members and delegates reporting excessive workloads and work stress across a number of branches.

If you continue to volunteer your time and work outside of your role description, work will continue to pile up and your health and wellbeing will be affected.

What does this mean for you?

We call on all CPSU members to read their role description and think carefully about new, different or unreasonable tasks which do not fit within your role. We encourage members to raise these with your supervisor and discuss how best to manage unreasonable workloads.

Click HERE to download information on work stress.

Get involved

Working within your role description is one way to help to ensure reasonable workloads, protection of your role and future job security.

Well done!

The CPSU congratulates all who work to actively address their excessive workload and urge all members to join them.