Australian Unity sounds out PSA (CPSU) on Enterprise Bargaining

Australian Unity sounds out PSA (CPSU) on Enterprise Bargaining – April 2017 (PDF version)

United Voice, the union representing care workers, has written to Australian Unity to initiate bargaining for a new federal Enterprise Agreement to replace their copied state award.

Any proposed enterprise agreement between Australian Unity and United Voice would only cover care workers and would not impact on the employment conditions of administrative and support staff covered by the Crown Employees (Home Care Service of NSW – Administrative Staff) Award 2012.

While Australian Unity has confirmed with the PSA (CPSU) that it will not seek to ‘initiate’ enterprise bargaining with home care administrative staff during the period of the employment guarantee, the company has expressed an interest in moving to a federal enterprise agreement and has approached the PSA (CPSU) to gauge our position.

We have indicated, on a without prejudice basis, that we are willing to transition to an enterprise agreement covering the duration of the employment guarantee period on the proviso that:

  • the agreement incorporates all existing conditions
  • the agreement provides for salary increases in line with variations to the state Public Sector Salaries Award (or its successors)
  • the agreement is separate and distinct to arrangement for care workers
  • the agreement includes compulsory arbitration
  • the agreement requires the parties to commence bargaining four months prior to nominal expiry.

We have also indicated a preparedness to discuss flexible rostering or other arrangements to support the company’s retail operations.

Australian Unity is yet to respond formally to our proposal.

Access to time in lieu (flexi-time)

Australian Unity has again assured the PSA (CPSU) that staff who worked additional hours during the Cutover process will be credited flexi time.

At our request, Australian Unity has agreed to review any flexi time claims on a case by case basis.

Members are encouraged to contact Thane Pearce for further advice and assistance.

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